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So, why get creative?

Creativity is so important to having a healthy mind. But first let us see what creativity is.

So, what is creativity?

You might be surprised to learn that you are being creative everyday. Problem solving, finding new solutions to problems, navigating an unknown situation are all acts of creativity. Creativity does not have to be artistic or original. Our brains are engaged in creativity all the time.

However, psychologists have found that engaging clients in artistic creative activities is really beneficial in improving their mental health. For example, there is some research that shows that creativity really helps Dementia patients. Some Memory Cafes use music to help dementia patients. Now, in the UK, there are a number of projects that offer Arts on Prescription to patients suffering from some mental health problems. With this, patients are referred to artists who would explore various creative avenues with the patients. This happens alongside conventional mental health therapies. Artistic creativity gives people the opportunity to be immersed in something different to their daily activities, stresses and worries. Creativity is almost a natural anti-depressant in the form of contemplation, mindfulness and meditation. If really engrossed, people can get into a hypnotic state (a state of total relaxation).

How to start?

You can start by focusing on any of the creative hobbies that you may have or start a new hobby. Currently, with lock downs everywhere, it is difficult to go to classes or groups where you can learn new creative skills. However, you can start by following some of the thousands of tutorials on YouTube, or follow one of the many online classes such as Skillshare, Udemy, Craftsy, among many more. Even TV cookery programs can give you a creative outlet.

Types of creative activities:


Whether tending plants indoors or outdoors, you can become creative with the way you arrange your green space. Choosing plants and arranging them according to colour, height, shape, etc. is creative. In addition, the fact that you are tending and nurturing a living thing would give you a lot of pleasure that also elevates your moods.


Unleash your creativity with shape, colour and movement.


Let your imagination go, experiment and enjoy!


Explore different flavours, herbs, spices and textures. Let your inner chef come forward.


Practise your skills if you already play an instrument and allow yourself to be absorbed in the beauty of music. If not, why not take up a new instrument? And enjoy!


Allow yourself to explore movement. Dance is not only creative, it is aerobic and hence has the added benefit of raising your heart rate. A double whammy!


Why not enjoy a new craft? You might be able to make little gifts that you can give to your loved ones when you meet them.

Sewing and needle craft:

Another wonderful way to get creative.

Creative writing:

Let your imagination flow and allow your inner author or poet to flourish.

So go on, get creative!

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