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Dealing with stress:

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Hey there!

Recently, we have all been encountering a challenging time, worrying about our health and that of our loved ones, work and financial security. The uncertainty causes us stress. But it is during these difficult times, that it is imperative it is to look after our mental well-being. We need to 'feed' our minds with healthy habits, give our selves some love and attention. Some TLC!

Here are some top tips for relaxation:

1- Take some time out, just for you. This might even be just 15-20 minutes, Make yourself your favourite hot drink, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chamomile or anything you really enjoy. Make it slowly and mindfully. Notice the shape of your cup in your hand, the texture of the tea bag or the coffee grains, the sound of the kettle boiling, the aromas of your drink. Focus. Sit in a quiet place........savour your drink slowly. Enjoy!

2- Get creative! This can be anything such as cooking, baking, writing, drawing, crafting, gardening, painting, pottery, woodwork, knitting, etc. When you are fully involved in a creative project, you become mindful of the wonderful thing that you are doing, forgetting for a while about your anxieties. Creativity is excellent at calming and centring you. Really enjoy the process.

3- Enjoy nature! Reserach shows that there is a great link between being in nature and the reduction of anxiety, stress and depression. It can even improve our memory. So, go for a walk in a park, forest, woods, or any green space near you, or if you have a garden go there and even do some gardening. Being one with nature is grounding and calming. The colours , the sounds, the smells and the textures help us relax. Imagine walking and feeling the breeze and the sunshine on your face and listening to the birds singing..... One with nature! How wonderful! In addition, just the fact that you are gently exercising in the fresh air is calming and refreshing.

4- Exercise! Exercise is a great for increasing your endorphins, which help us feel happy. There are so many activities that can increase our heart rate and increase our blood flow and oxygen levels in our body. There are so many activities we can choose from, such as brisk walking, skipping rope, jogging, dancing, martial arts, HIIT exercises, yoga, tennis, football, badminton, Pilates or even running around with the children. So, go on, get moving!

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